III-Nitrides for Lighting, Photovoltaics and Sensing Applications

Invited Speakers:

  • Hiroshi Fujioka, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    Preparation of III-Nitride Devices for Large Area Light Emitting Devices and Solar Cells
  • Hideki Hirayama, RIKEN Quantum Optodevice Laboratory, Japan
    Precise Growth Control for AlGaN/GaN Superlattices by MBE and MOCVD for Developing GaN-based THz Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Tamotsu Hashizume, Hokkaido University, Japan
    Photoelectric energy conversion in GaN porous nanostructures formed by electrochemical process
  • Tohru Honda, Kogakuin University, Japan
    Technical issues of GaInN growth with high indium composition for LEDs
  • Motoaki Iwaya, Meijo University, Japan
    In situ X-ray diffraction analyses of GaInN/GaN during MOVPE growth
  • Hisashi Murakami, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Japan
    Growth of Thick InGaN and GaN by Tri-Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy with high rate
  • Yasushi Nanishi, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
    DERI Method: Possible Approach to Green and Red LEDs based on Nitride Semiconductors
  • Siddha Pimputkar, University of California, USA
    Recent Advances in Basic Ammonothermal Growth of Gallium Nitride
  • Tania Paskova, NC State University, USA
    Nanotextured templates with semipolar faceting versus GaN substrates of various polarities for nitride device growth
  • Zlatko Sitar, North Carolina State University, USA
    Surface kinetics and surface morphology in MOCVD growth on III-nitride substrates
  • Rie Togashi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
    High speed growth of InN by HVPE realized by controlled generation of InCl3
  • Jincheng Zhang, Xidian University, China
    Polar, semipolar, nonpolar III-nitride epilayer with low defect density based on monolayer silica microspheres mask


Workshop Chair:

  • Yasushi Nanishi, Ritsumeikan University, Japan


Operating Organization

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China