Crystal Growth in Microgravity and at Externally Imposed Fields

Invited speakers:

  • Ercan Balikci, Bogazici University,Turkey
    Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Ge-Sb Single Crystal Growth by AVC-AHP Technique
  • Dattatray Gadkari, Mithibai College (MITHI), India
    Doped InSb Detached Crystals by VDS Technique: Physics, Physical Properties and Applications
  • Michael Gonik, Centre for Material Science “PHOTON”, Russia
    Si Crystal Growth under Conditions of Reduced Melt Convection
  • Geun Woo Lee, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea
    Study of Crystal-liquid Interfacial Free Energy and Local Structure of Liquid Metals Using Electrostatic Levitation Technique
  • Andrey P. Sadovskiy, D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Russia
    Melt Structure Control in Crystal Growth Process
  • Ching-Hua Su, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, USA
    Crystal Growth of Ternary Compound Semiconductors in Low Gravity Environment
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