Crystal Growth for Optoelectronic Device

Invited speakers:

  • Kouichi Akahane, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
    Fabrication of Ultra-high Density InAs QDs and Its Applications
  • Jun Chen, Sun Yat-sen University, China
    Synthesis of Bi-Crystalline ZnO Nanowire Arrays on Glass substrate by Thermal Oxidation of Zinc Film: Growth Mechanism and Application
  • Yijia Chen, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
    Flat Flame Chemical Vapor Deposition of Meso-porous TiO2 Films as Anodes of the Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
  • Seongmin Ju, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
    Effect of Heat Treatment of Optical Fiber Incorporated with Au Nano-particles on Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • Itaru Kamiya, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
    Understanding and Controlling Epitaxial Growth of Lattice Mismatched Materials Using InGaAs on GaAs
  • Kei May Lau, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
    Growth of Quantum Dots on Silicon Substrates for Long Wavelength Emission
  • Sang Shin Lee, Kwangwoon University, South Korea
    Optical Spectral Filter Using Serially Coupled Ring Resonators Based on Silicon Waveguides
  • Mythili Prakasam, ICMCB-CNRS, France
    Crystal Growth of Mid Infrared Materials and Their Potential Applications
  • Tatiana V. Timofeeva, New Mexico Highlands University, USA
    Growth of Non Linear Optical Co-crystals of 4-Nitrophenol Adducts
  • Zhengping Wang, Shandong University, China
    Growth and Noncritical Phase-matching Characteristics of Calcium Oxoborate Crystals






Workshop chair:

Operating Organization

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China